Yeti Pipes

Micah Cryder began her pipemaking study in 2011 during high school in Missoula, Montana, where she perfected and learned over the years thanks to criticism and following established American craftsmen.

Yeti pipe is one of the youngest talented High Grade pipemakers in recent years, precision and attention to detail are the basic rule, design typically inspired by American modern industrial production, and French Art Deco.

Impeccable creations in all details, particular attention to the mouthpieces produced in real Indian Bakelite, a material very rare to find in its authenticity, medium hardness, transparent in various colors and very shiny.

His pipes are totally made and drilled by hand, always with a design influenced by the grain of the briar; balance and elegance for an optimal result, particular color combination, but always spot on, contrasting textbook finishes and very high quality briar.

Yeti pipes are unique pieces, each pipe has its own style and history … like every High Grade pipe !!

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