Santambrogio Pipes

Santambrogio was one of the first pipes manufacturing brands born in Italy. They began in 1912, when the grandfather of the current brand owner, Stefano Santambrogio, decided to get rid of the Rossi Pipe factory, to begin its own production.

The project reached its apogee with 130 employees and about 100,000 pipes produced monthly, to be distributed worldwide.

The grandson, Stefano Santambrogio who works together with his wife, is the last of 3 generations of pipe manufacturers, and in his hands is all the experience and manual art of Santambrogio pipes, which follow the canons of the classic style from the most standard to the most revisited.

They are pipes with very high value for money, both for its mechanics for smoking and for its always satisfactory aesthetics , according to the opinions of smokers from all over the world. This brand offers a wide range of finishes and colors, for all tastes and people.

They are excellent pipes, especially for those who want to approach this world without investing large amounts of money, but taking home a highly respected artifact. We have several loyal and very satisfied customers with this brand.

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