Gamboni Pipes

Gianmaria Gamboni is one of the Italian pipemakers who is most distinguished by his design and finishes; born in Florence, he approaches the pipe through his father, a great pipe smoker.

His first approach to production was in Paolo Becker’s laboratory in Rome, for the first technical and dynamic notions of the pipe; his journey began with the Foundation project with Musicò, where he opens his horizons towards a unique and personal style, given by his experience and vision of art and dynamism.

Taking its cue from classic English shapes, it has given dynamism and movement to each shape, finding its own personal style, both in the shapes and in the finish; famous for its contrasting sandblasting made by the manual, it gives the pipe a sense of movement, dynamism.

Tuscan briar, mouthpieces cut and made from German ebonite rod, as script for High Grade pipes.

It does not have a vast annual production, since its realization follows very much the inspiration and inspiration of the artist at the right moment, each form has its time and its moment of advancement; thanks to his way of working and being he found his style.

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