Penzo Pipes

Giacomo Penzo has made the pipe, his life and his passion.

Having just over twenty years, Giacomo begins his relationship with this object, which will become his expression of art, his way of expressing and talking about himself. Graduated in Design, each pipe is studied in detail, both in the form, as in the materials and the finishes.

Its aim is to give a small moment of pleasure with special pipes, made with passion and study. In them, you can see the love for the beauty of Italian craftsmanship mixed with design and passion, for an optimal result.

It uses selected and seasoned Italian briar of high quality, German ebonite for cut and handmade mouthpieces; as well as other materials such as horn, bamboo and other special features for different processes.

In addition to briar, Penzo makes pipes in strawberry, olive and semi-fossil oak, or commonly called, Morta.

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