Vitale Pipes

Piero Vitale is one of the new names in the Italian pipemaking. Since he was a child, he became interested in the subject, because in his grandfather’s workshop he played and tried to do things with any piece of wood that came to his hands.

Always close to art, from drawing to wood carving, in 2014 he discovers the pipe through one friend who initiated it in this article. This object immediately fascinated him and, therefore, did not take long to try to do one with his own hands.

After he saw the pipes of the great italian and international names, he realized that it was possible to go beyond a craft object, creating an artistic object and a personal expression at the same time.

Its unique and recognizable style has been very successful among fans, with pipes made entirely freehand without the use of lathe, with high quality briar, tuscan or rustic; and mouthpieces exclusively made in cut ebonite and, also, handmade.

This artisan uses boxwood wood for the whole process, with a revisited classic english style with a certain danish inspiration. We present a young brand, but with great possibilities of growth, with a huge success and with many satisfied smokers who support it.

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