Amorelli Pipes

Its distinctive sign, common to all its pipes, is constituted by the 18-carat gold bar applied on the shank and the mouthpiece, which must be aligned to perfectly unite those two elements. Amorelli started the production of pipes in the 1982 due to his passion for the subject, always using the best part of the famous Sicilian Coccio, known for its lightness and porosity.

Since there are no more cutters on the island, most of the wood is currently cut in Calabria. Before them, Amorelli or its nine collaborators, work the sketches, which are kept in the Sicilian open air, for five years, in order to allow a slow drying. In a small workshop in Caltanissetta are produced six different series: The Busbee, the Frac, the Nail, the Ghibli, the Lyra and the Fish Tail, terms that derive from the characteristics of the form and not the quality of the products.

 Of particular importance is the incrustation of briar in the mouthpiece of the Busbee, which consists of a wood insert in the shape of U, folded by hand with the help of water and fire. The category of pipe produced only with smooth surface, in clear tone and without putty, is distinguished by its stars: five stars are assigned to these models that have the most beautiful wood grain. In every model, the wood is, in every sense, perfect.

To check the perfection of the wood, even inside the tobacco chamber, Salvatore Amorelli renounces the brushstrokes of coal dust. The quality of the raw material and the excellent workmanship guarantee the pleasure of smoking at a surprisingly convenient price.

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