Radice Pipes

Luigi Radice had his professional training in the Castello Pipe factory in the 60s, in 1968 together with Peppino Ascorti he founded the well-known historical brand Caminetto Pipe; subsequently in 1978 he decided to start his own business and open the Radice Pipe brand.

For 40 years, the Radice brand has been producing high quality pipes in a classic Italian style trying to keep up with the times and the market; very high value for money.

Currently Radice Pipe is carried out by his sons Marzio and Luca Radice, who from a young age have always helped their father in the first steps of the new adventure, pointing out that the style was family; attention to detail, methacrylate and ebonite mouthpieces, impeccably selected briar.

Pipe Radice is a manufacture that registers about 2500 pipes per year with a purely artisan quality despite a purely industrial product, which cannot guarantee this quality; for this reason we are happy to have them among our craftsmen.

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