Iafisco Pipes

His name is Davide Iafisco, a niche craftsman, as well as the pipes that he creates. Very helpful and cordial, hosts us in his home/workshop, and we spend a few hours chatting about his story and how he creates his products.

His official presentation in the market was in 2013, although its production dates from 2010, always with a clear objective: to produce objects that allows to taste the tobacco in the best possible way, but in addition to create an expression and a very innovative idea from a piece of briar.

Starting from the classic english styles that we all know, Davide is inspired by the American industrial style, the Danish organic design and the sturdiness of the Italian pipe. The idea of continuous study, the search for harmony and the balance of shapes, generate an elegant result and an increasingly improved product.

Important for the artisan were his experiences working with great masters with the ability to see beyond the limits of their instruments like Teddy Knudsen, Claudio Cavicchi, the Radice family, as well as recent names like Jeff Gracik, Chris Asteriou and others.

A David Iafisco pipe is never just a pipe, instead is an investigation, a study, an evaluation; all those elements together and balanced for a harmonious and dynamic result…. We make sure you aren’t buying just a pipe.

  “In addition to being objects designed for tobacco tasting, this pipes are actually homages to a tradition and an imaginary shared by those who, in history, have been able to get excited in looking beyond the mere function of things, appreciating the ability to interpret and give back the signs of time”.

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