Nuttens Pipes

Bruno Nuttens has been the first foreign brand of our store. We’re talking about a young boy with a recognizable and peculiar style.

Born in Belgium and living in France for more than 15 years, his first approach to this world was when he dedicated to restoring old smoking pipes. After that, he felt the need to create something for himself, which is why he started the first tests on it with good results.

He soon went on to manufacture pipes entirely by hand with ebonite mouthpieces, thanks to the help of expert artisans from Saint-Claude, a city known for his extensive past in the production of pipes, where he found traditional tools for this.

Their pipes are entirely artisanal, because to date, it doesn’t  have a lathe. With a very elegant and fine style,  lightness and sinuosity are the sensations that express their creations.

Bruno works with high quality italian briar and with german ebonite. Its finishes and attention to manual details, fine shapes and final product, light as a feather, have transformed it into  a famous brand in the area.

In addition to the line of handmade pipes, Bruno proposes another one: a declared pre-perforated, derived from a stock of briar from an old factory of pipes of 20 or 30 years ago. Therefore, they have the characteristic of having a good seasoned briar at a very convenient price.

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