The Young Promise

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Micah Cryder is one of the youngest promising American pipemakers in recent years, and we are pleased to present it for the first time in Italy.

Yeti Pipe begins his study of briar during high school, it will be his passion, criticism and various experiences with already established craftsmen, to grow his level in the totally handmade production of his pipes.

Originally from Montana, surrounded by nature, he lives with his wife and two children in Billings, and it is here that in his laboratory he elaborates and produces his creations full of charm, details, design and balance; a mix of innovative shapes inspired by modern American style and traditional French Art Decò.


Each of his pipes has its own history and nature, following the vein of the briar comes a classic shape revisited with elegance and balance in all its aspects; Italian briar of first choice, perforations entirely by hand without the use of the lathe, contrasting finishes with impeccable coloring and finish.

Maniacal precision on the small details in the shapes with corners and edges, nothing left to chance, the grain of the briar interpreted in the best way according to the personal style found over the years; mouthpieces made of bakelite, a rare material to find in its authenticity, captivating colors and elegant shades, but always perfectly matched for a young and dynamic market, medium-small pipes.


Yeti pipe, like other craftsmen of the same level, is the expression and clear identification of the HIGH GRADE pipe that is increasingly taking hold in our sector; pipes that have not been conceived only for their basic work, and which must never fail in its obvious function, but of the works that reach the maximum personal expression in the art in the production of the pipe, sometimes diminished exclusively as an instrument of smo

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