Dalla Cina con la Pipa

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For us it is the first Asian craftsman, and as a rule we are sure to have made the right choice, for quality and professionalism.

When a craftsman is good and professional he must be recognized and supported, with Chen Ce we have established a good relationship for a couple of years now, known on social networks he has proved to be very helpful and with great humility a friendship has been created that is not tied to the commercial aspect but purely among fans of this art.

His passion with the pipe was born thanks to his smoker grandfather, a rarity for those years in China, he decides to take this path in 2012, and with the help of 2 top craftsmen, his skill is constantly growing.

A lover of the classic pipe, he specializes in billiards and derivatives, but this does not mean he does not move in the most elaborate and design forms; great meticulousness in finishes and workmanship, with very high-level Italian briar, and rigorously German ebonite cut and worked by hand.

He prefers the use of bamboo both for straight and curved pipes, his blowfidh features, and his billiards exciting; precision and continuous research and study of forms and improvement, are his working principle.

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