Claudio Albieri: High Grade leather accessories

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Claudio Albieri accessories have all the characteristics to be considered among the Italian artisan excellences.

His passion for slow smoking was born in 1998 in the family tobacconist's shop, specializing in pipes and cigars; in a few years he acquired several important titles in the cigarette and spirits sector, becoming a passionate expert.

In 2005 the love for the handcrafted pipe was born through friends Gabriele Dal Fiume, Il Duca and Cavicchi, and from this moment, after various vicissitudes, the idea of ​​creating leather accessories was born to match the products sold; in 2010, with the sale of the Tobacconist's shop and the help of his cousin, he began his adventure as a craftsman.

His ideas are clear, to create luxury products with the best raw material on the market; he began with the creation of bags for his friend Gabriele Dal Fiume, with whom he still collaborates with various projects.

His products are studied, designed and tested to perfection to offer the best for pipe and cigar enthusiasts who appreciate quality in all its forms; he does not create purely for the end customer, if he is not satisfied with the result, the product does not leave the laboratory.

The materials used are of the highest level, such as calf and lamb nappa, 90% from Italy, the saddle leather is American buffalo tanned in Tuscany; all the products are hand-cut one by one to fully experience all the pieces of the line being processed, checking all the steps.

The details are meticulously cared for, these are what make the difference between high-level products compared to less sought-after products; to the touch it is an emotion to feel the softness of the leather in various shapes, the resistance of the seams, the combination of the colors used that give elegance and sportiness according to the occasion.

This is a young and elegant, functional and beautiful product, only by touching it with our hands we realize the true quality, seeing is believing.

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