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Del Prete Angelo is one of the latest arrivals among the pipemakers of the Italian scene, since 2014 he knows the slow smoke by detecting a small tobacconist's on the way home; he never would have thought that such a small niche company would have given him so much satisfaction.

In the summer of 2018 he asked Massimiliao Rimensi (Il Duca Pipe) to host him in his laboratory to learn the basics and main steps in the construction of a pipe, back home he made the first tests with simple bench tools for wood, and with the his first order of briar of Mimmo Romeo.

Having the good fortune to view many high-level pipes, it was not difficult to understand which level was to reach before starting the market on the right foot; he remained for 2 years producing pipes under the supervision and availability of great craftsmen, one above all Davide Iafisco.

From summer 2020, classic pipes with Danish influence are released on the market, with particular attention to detail without leaving anything to chance, German hard rubber mouthpieces and use of alternative materials for inserts, such as various exotic woods and horn.

Idea of ​​balance and dynamism always present among his creations, in every form extracting an emotion and transmitting it to the smoker.

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Il Cerchio Pipe Bull Billiard
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Il Cerchio Pipe Bull Billiard

MEASURESLENGTH                    120mm          4,72 inch HEIGHT                     50mm            1,96 inchDEEP STOVE            44mm...

Il Cerchio Pipe Billiard

MEASURESLENGTH                    130mm          5,11 inch HEIGHT                     40mm            1,57 inchDEEP STOVE            38mm...

Il Cerchio Pipe Billiard...

MEASURESLENGTH                    115mm          4,52 inch HEIGHT                     50mm            1,96 inchDEEP STOVE            43mm...

Il Cerchio Pipe Tomato

MEASURESLENGTH                    150mm          5,90 inch HEIGHT                     35mm            1,37 inchDEEP STOVE            30mm...

Pipe Il Cerchio Cherrywood

MEASURESLENGTH                    125mm          4,92 inch HEIGHT                     55mm            2,16 inchDEEP STOVE              45mm...