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Chen Ce lives in northern China, in the city of Anshan, in the province of Liaoning.

His first approach to the pipe was with his grandfather, a pipe smoker; starts building the first pipes in 2012.

Focusing on the manual creation of the pipe; using English briar and other materials of the highest level, he is able to propose innovative and exciting design pipes.

In 2015 he met 2 high-level artisans like Ping Zhan and Sam Whose, from whom to take many notions and improvements in the technical and construction field; its meticulousness on the finishes is amazing, like manuele for High Grade pipes ".

In 2016 he met Xiaomei, his current partner, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with an important jewelery project; has brought a great aesthetic improvement to his pipes with various ideas and decorations.

Later Xiamei discovered and learned the art of pipemaking, collaborating with Ce in the construction of pipes with his own brand.

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Chen Ce Blowfish (by Xiaomei)

MEASURES LENGTH                            100mm          3,93 inchBURNING                          35mm           1,37 inchDEEP...

Chen Ce Billiard

MEASURES LENGTH                            115mm          4,52 inchBURNING                          42mm           1,65 inchDEEP...

Chen Ce Apple Bambù

MEASURES LENGTH                            125mm          4,92 inchBURNING                          50mm           1,96 inchDEEP...

Chen Ce Bent Blowfish Small

MEASURES LENGTH                            100mm          4,33 inchBURNING                          40mm           1,77 inchDEEP...