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Kolyo Demirev was born in Bulgaria, but moved to Prague, where in 2012, with a friend, opened a small workshop, discovering there his true passion: the construction of pipes.

From its creation, his pipes are made entirely by hand, in a revisited classic style, as well in a Danish style, with the use of various materials and finishes. What is found there are perfect finishes, with Italian and Spanish briar, and ebonites cut and handworked.

We can presume to be the first and only shop to propose the Demirev pipes, great works at a competitive price compared to their quality.

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Demirev Blowfish

MEASURESLENGTH                    120mm          4,72 inch HEIGHT                     40mm            1,57 inchDEEP STOVE               28mm...

Demirev Brandy Sandblasted

MEASURESLENGTH                    140mm          5,51 inch HEIGHT                     45mm            1,77 inchDEEP STOVE               28mm...

Demirev Lovat

MEASURESLENGTH                    150mm          5,90 inch HEIGHT                     40mm            1,57 inchDEEP STOVE               30mm...

Demirev Horn

MEASURESLENGTH                    145mm          5,70 inch HEIGHT                     50mm            1,96 inchDEEP STOVE               30mm...