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Another Italian pipemaking pride is Andrea Gigliucci, a Tuscan craftsman, famous for its connection to the classic Bulldog form.

Its unique and inimitable style makes it well-known in the world, thanks to these studied forms and outside the traditional canons, although always remaining at a point of equilibrium.

Its pipes begin with the rustic line by hand up to the smooth cut with vertical flame, with stemless typology, which is no other than a pipe with mouthpiece and shank as one piece.

At the moment we can presume to be the only Italian retailers who work the Gigliucci pipes brand.

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Gigliucci Bent Bull Axe

In Stock
LENGTH                            120mm          5,31 inchBURNING                          50mm           2,16 inchDEEP...

Gigliucci Bent Bulldog

In Stock
MISURE LUNGHEZZA                                  115mm ALTEZZA                                       40mm PROFINDITA...

Gigliucci Horn

In Stock
MISURE LUNGHEZZA                                  135mm ALTEZZA                                       45mm PROFINDITA...

Gigliucci Bulldog

In Stock
MISURE LUNGHEZZA                                  130mm ALTEZZA                                       40mm PROFINDITA...

Gigliucci Stemless Bull Axe

In Stock
MISURE LUNGHEZZA                                  120mm ALTEZZA                                       50mm PROFINDITA...

Gigliucci Squat Rhodesian

MISURE LUNGHEZZA                                  150mm ALTEZZA                                       35mm PROFINDITA...

Gigliucci Stemless Bulldog...

MEASURES LENGTH                    125 mm          5,31 inch HEIGHT                     45 mm            1,57 inchDEEP STOVE               30 mm...

Gigliucci Billiard Spigot

MEASURES LENGTH                    135 mm          5,31 inch HEIGHT                     45 mm            1,77 inchDEEP STOVE               25 mm...

Gigliucci Stub Bulldog Black

MEASURES LENGTH                    115 mm          4,52 inch HEIGHT                     60 mm            2,36 inchDEEP STOVE               30 mm...