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Since 1986, the Ascorti family reopens the historical brand, thanks to which they have been a reference point in the pipes production, CAMINETTO.

The new production was entrusted to the last one of the family, the young Tommaso, son of Roberto Ascorti of the homonymous brand. With it, begins the new history of CAMINETTO pipes, a brand known in Italy and the world, for the quality and elegance of its products.

Tommaso has innovated a bit in the existing and recognizable style of CAMINETTO pipes, with new finishes, ornaments and shapes; Developing hand-made and cared-for pipes in the smallest detail.

In addition to the classic standard finishes, there are annual editions such as the Event, forms studied of the founder of the brand Peppino Ascorti, which are revisited in the current key with the combination of copper, giving elegance and traditionality.

A selection of "mustached pipes" await you in our store, for you to choose your CAMINETTO.

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Caminetto Grade 08 Bent

MEASURES LENGHT                   135 mm       5,31 inch HEIGHT                    45 mm        1,77 inch DEPTH                      35 mm...

Caminetto Grade 08 Egg

MEASURES LENGHT                   115 mm       4,52 inch HEIGHT                    55 mm        2,16 inch DEPTH                      45 mm...

Caminetto Grade 08 Dublin

MEASURES LENGHT                   140 mm       5,51 inch HEIGHT                    50 mm        1,96 inch DEPTH                      38 mm...

Caminetto Sandblasted Chimney

MEASURES LENGHT                   125 mm       4,92 inch HEIGHT                    80 mm         3,14 inch DEPTH                      55 mm...