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Mimmo Provenzano has become one of the last years' novelties in the field of the Italian handmade pipe, showing itself as a revelation in the technical and mechanical qualities of the instrument.

His debut began with the distribution made by Mario Lubinski, which has opened the doors of the Italian and foreign markets. This allows us to understand the level of products that Provenzano pipes can propose.

Their pipes are, for the most part, smooth finish thanks to the excellent quality of selected briar. Famous are its Calabash Reverse for its smoking mechanics, as well as the beauty and versatility in its aesthetic combinations.

Also is very sought after his pipe Morta, which means the highest percentage of its annual production.

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Provenzano Lovat Grade B

MEASURES LENGTH                    125mm          4,92inch HEIGHT                     45mm            1,77inchDEEP STOVE               40mm...

Provenzano LC Grade B

MEASURES LENGTH                    140mm          5,51inch HEIGHT                     55mm            2,16inchDEEP STOVE               46mm...

Provenzano Calabash Grade...

MEASURES LENGTH                    140mm          5,51inch HEIGHT                     67mm            2,63inchDEEP STOVE               26mm...

Provenzano Capitan Warren

MEASURES LENGTH                    155mm          6,10inch HEIGHT                     65mm            2,55inchDEEP STOVE              30mm...

Provenzano Lovat Morta

MEASURES LENGTH                    130mm          5,11inch HEIGHT                     50mm            1,96inchDEEP STOVE               37mm...

Provenzano Tubos White Bog Oak

MEASURES LENGHT                      105 mm       4,13 inch HEIGHT STOVE            50 mm        1,96 inch DEPTH                        30 mm...